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Introducing Vermú Vermouth

Made for Drinking

A cocktail in a bottle. All the complexity, none of the pretense.

A New Kind of Cocktail

Vermú Vermouth is an old drink for a new generation. Our Vermú was created for drinking on its own, over ice, with bubbles of all sorts, or in classic cocktails.

A great new twist on an old standard! Vermouth is not just for Manhattans anymore.

John B.

I have REALLY been living for this vermouth. It's a cocktail staple for me now.


Love that Vermú is low in alcohol too. I can have a couple and not feel tipsy but enjoy the ritual of having the drink.

Nicole A.

Vermú 101

How to Enjoy It

We're on a mission to rescue the world’s greatest aperitivo from grandpa’s liquor cabinet. Vermú can be enjoyed on its own, over ice, with bubbles of all sorts, or in classic cocktails. Most importantly, do whatever you want with it. Whether you are a master mixologist, a mere dilettante or a total amateur, never lose confidence. After all, it was meant for drinking.

Vermuteria Style

One Pour Vermú
One Slice Orange
Splash Soda Water

Serve over ice.

Vermu Negroni

Two Parts Vermú
One Part Campari
One Part Gin

Serve over ice with orange twist.

Vermu Americano

One Parts Vermú
One Part Campari
Dash of Club Soda

Pour the Vermú and Campari over ice or into a chilled glass, add a splash of club soda, and gardnish with an orange twist.