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Rose Wines and Pink Aperitif to Sip Through Spring and Summer

Renowned wine and spirits writer Amanda Schuster features our Rosé Vermú among top drinks for the 2021 spring and summer seasons: "This delicious pink vermouth from Baltimore, MD is made from local wine and infused with botanicals such as cinchona bark, Spanish oranges, chamomile, wormwood, gentian root, juniper berries, clove, and star anise. The flavor is tangy, warm and spicy, hitting the flavor target between tart and sweet..."

Freed from the Cocktail

Wine & Spirits Magazine featured our Rosé Vermú, adding that this "vermouth evokes pink grapefruit and chamomile. Enchanting on its own, it’s sublime with a nip of Campari and gin for a Negroni-esque drink called a Marianito."

Imbibe Magazine: What We are Drinking Now

Imbibe's May/June print issue highlights our Rosé Vermú: "Crafted from the winery's rosé and fortified with a Chambourcin grape spirit (distilled by their Union Collective neighbors Baltimore Spirits Co.), the vermouth is accented with botanicals like Valencia orange peel, juniper, chamomile, and clove. The result is juicy and bittersweet, with a heady floral aroma that opens up nicely with bubbles for a simple spritz..."

Baltimore: Where to Eat, Stay, and Play

Conde Nast Traveler features The Wine Collective in its Baltimore weekend guide: "delightful pinxtos and locally produced pours, including its housemade rosé vermouth, in a former Sears Warehouse."

Conversations with Enrique Pallares

Interview with The Wine Collective's co-founder, Enrique Pallares: "We wanted to bring people behind the veil of winemaking by creating a winery with a tasting room in the middle, a sort of contrivance of theatrical mutuality where the winery and the tasting room are each other’s audience, witnessing the spectacle of making and feasting together–a logistical nightmare and a conceptual dream."

Wine Collective Rose Vermu

Wine and spirits connoisseur Amanda Schuster rates our Rosé Vermú highly (92 pts) on, adding: "A pleasant scent of fresh berries, pine trees and blood orange carries the nose, with more pronounced fruitiness (watermelon, strawberry, orange, lichee) on the palate. A refreshing note of mint, earthy green tea and warm spices follow through into the finish. It's a delightful, semi-sweet sipper on its own, but would be excellent to use to lighten up summer Negronis, or even a summer version of a Manhattan, not to mention an array of spritzes. "

Podcast: Cheers to The Wine Collective

The Buzzed in Baltimore pocast features an interview with The Wine Collective's co-founder Enrique Pallares, where they discuss the unique concept of working with grapes from farms all over the region, the facility's innovative techniques and equipment, how Maryland wine has changed for the better, the wonderful spirit that is vermouth, and how he and his team are bringing a bit of the Iberian Peninsula to Union Collective.

CBS: Coffee with The Wine Collective

CBS television interview with The Wine Collective's co-founder Enrique Pallares, "The Wine Collective is one of only a few dozen businesses in America manufacturing craft vermouth..."

Vermouth on the rocks? Winery aims to jump on new industry trend

MSN News features The Wine Collective's Rosé Vermú: "You probably know vermouth as a key ingredient in classic cocktails like martinis, Manhattans and negronis. But have you considered ordering a vermouth on the rocks?..."

Vermouth as More than Just a Cocktail Ingredient

Baltimore Business Journals featured The Wine Collective and especially the launch of our Rosé Vermú: "Have you ever considered ordering a vermouth on the rocks? Industry trends suggest you will soon. And a Baltimore winery is getting in on the action with one of the first vermouths produced in the mid-Atlantic..."

Baltimore Winemakers Turn Up the Volume on Vermouth Quiet Revival

Wine Industry Advisor features the work of The Wine Collective and how it's leading the way in aperitif culture and the revival of vermouth: "the renaissance of consuming vermouth has been rising for the past several years. While makers in the UK, Spain and Italy have stepped up their production, the U.S. has slowly caught on. With today’s official launch of Vermú Rosé, Baltimore-based winemakers, The Wine Collective, is one of the few dozen in America to manufacture a craft vermouth."

The Quiet Revival of Vermouth

Vermouth is making a comeback. In this Fox News Live interview, Enrique Pallares, Managing Partner and General Director of The Wine Collective, explains the quiet revival and how the Collective is leading the way in this new trend.

Vermu Rose Review

After 292 years of existence, the city of Baltimore has its first-ever hometown vermouth: Vermú Rosé. Check out Bevvy's rave review. Our favorite line: "I’m not yet certain if Vermú Rosé will snatch National Bohemian’s crown as the preferred beverage of Charm City, but it certainly deserves a chance." Hear, hear!