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Baltimore's First Urban Winery

Our tasting room and wine bar is open and ready serve you. Sample our craft wines and savor our delicious selection of small plates. Drop in any time or give us a call to make a reservation.


Explore Our Winery

Our winery's "tasting room" (more like a warehouse than a "room") is also a Pintxo Bar. Our mission is simple: to make truly excellent wines and bring a bit of the Iberian Peninsula to the heart of Baltimore.

Tasting Room

Our beautiful tasting room and wine bar is the perfect spot to unwind with a glass of our exceptional wines and enjoy a small plate or two.

Pintxos Bar

We curate local produce, premium Iberian tinned fish, and small-production charcuterie and cheeses to create our Spanish-inspired menu.


Inspired by both the ancient tradition of viticultural collaboration and by the daring innovation of modern garagistes, we make wine of exceptional quality.

Our Wine and Food

We make old-world style wine and vermouth that strive for nuance and balance with a relentless commitment to quality and sustainability. The menu of our Pintxo Bar is primarily based on local produce, premium Iberian tinned fish from boutique canneries, and small production charcuterie and cheeses.

Exquisite Wines

Our winemaking philosophy is simple: intervene as little as possible. We collaborate with local growers to source our grapes from the Mid-Atlantic region, and then marry ancient techniques with innovative technology to make the best wines in the market. The end result? Old-world style wines—dry, complex, and wildly drinkable.

Irresistible Vermouth

Vermouth is a potion of sorts. It is an aperitif wine, a fortified and aromatized wine, not a spirit. Using only ingredients from the earth, and nothing artificial added, our vermouth is made from grapes carefully grown in Maryland and with minimal intervention and minimal added sulfites. While we use traditional methods of manufacturing, our vermouth is unique, refreshing, and approachable.

Mouth-Watering Pintxos

Pintxos are snacks from northern Spain, notably the Basque country, that are usually eaten as appetizers before dinner or even as dinner. Most are served over toasted bread and spiked with a cocktail skewer to hold it in place—hence the name "pintxo," which literally means "to spike."

The wine was delicious! Our favorite was the Viognier! The cheese board was also delicious and was a great value for the size. We will definitely be back. Don’t skip out on this wonderful place!

Jessica K.

This is a awesome space with a great atmosphere. The small bites we had were delicious, the wine and vermouth were excellent, and the staff was welcoming. Can’t wait to come back for more!

Carolyn C.

Great tinned seafood. My gastronomically adventurous 7-year-old and I had the squid, mussels, scallops, and smoked sardines. The vermouth is amazing... We will be back.

Sean T.

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Whether it's date night or just good ol' happy hour, we're here with an inviting space (with socially-distant indoor and outdoor seating!), spectacular wines, and exceptional food.